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November 13, 2020

Dear Colleagues,

Case counts of COVID-19 have increased markedly across New Jersey and among our population these past few weeks. For your health, for the health of your loved ones, and for the wellness of our research community, please adhere carefully to our guidelines.

Do not put yourself, your colleagues, or your loved ones at risk:

  • Use the mandatory My Campus Pass app daily to screen for symptoms.
  • Stay home if you’re not feeling well.
  • Wear your mask in research settings.
  • Maintain a distance of at least 6 feet from your colleagues.
  • If applicable, disinfect surfaces in your lab before and after each use.
  • And, of course, wash your hands.

The university is setting up testing sites so that we can increase the cadence of testing in the near future. Tests are also available at locations throughout the state.

We have already made many sacrifices this year, and it is difficult to maintain the pace of our research in the face of the constraints we must live with. But always remember: this virus is highly transmissible and none of us are invincible. Keeping each other and our research laboratories safe from COVID-19 is a responsibility we all share.

We are counting on you to help keep our community healthy.

In good health,

David Kimball
Senior Vice President for Research