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April 10, 2020 

Dear Colleagues,

If your unit collected revenue from students using a system other than the term bill systems, such as continuing education programs, and you must cancel a course or event as a result of COVID-19 and refund all or a portion of that revenue, then you will need to initiate the Non-PO Upload request process through RU Marketplace. Please use the new Activity value (9105, COVID-19) and the appropriate natural accounts for these requests.


Natural Account  Description for Use 
40685, Student Fee Refunds Revenue was recorded using an account under 400BB-Student Tuition and Fees
42035, Other Revenue CE Tuition Refunds Revenue was recorded using an account under 485BB-Other Sources Revenue
48196, Auxiliary Revenue Refund Revenue was recorded using an account under 490BB-Auxiliary Revenue


This guidance is not budget authorization for these transactions. Those transactions must go through processes as defined by responsibility centers and by Chancellor or central administration units.

For questions related to the non-PO upload request process or access regarding non-POs, please contact the Procurement Help Desk at and for questions related to all other accounting procedures, contact the Financial Management Help Desk at

If you have questions about refunds related to COVID-19, please contact your Chancellor’s or Senior Vice President’s office.


Ernie DiSandro
University Controller
Office of the University Controller