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March 7, 2020

Members of the Rutgers Community:

I am writing to update you regarding the University’s preparation and response to the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) outbreak.

As you may know, I have mobilized the COVID-19 Task Force under the Office of Emergency Management. Led by Tony Calcado, the Chief Operating Officer of the University, this task force includes senior leaders from all academic and operational units across the University in all its locations. The Task Force is charged to develop plans that anticipate all probable scenarios of COVID-19’s effect on our missions of teaching, research, and service. The Task Force has the authority to marshal any and all resources necessary to protect the health and safety of the members of our community in response to COVID-19.

Today, we are launching a new website to keep you informed about important developments, guidance, and actions you can take related to COVID-19. The situation continues to evolve and will remain fluid. You will receive updates from the Task Force, and the website will also be updated regularly.

COVID-19 is a serious public health concern.  I urge every member of the community to follow guidance from the CDC and the University with regard to your own personal health and safety and that of your colleagues.


Robert Barchi