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Note: More recent COVID-19-related communication may supersede specific information in this announcement.

Members of the University Community:

The Guide to Returning to Rutgers has been updated in important ways to help you and other members of the Rutgers community prepare to repopulate our campus work spaces. The guide is an evolving document, and I encourage you to regularly familiarize yourself with it so that you and your coworkers can be assured of a safe return to our campuses that is in accordance with appropriate public health guidelines.

Among some of the important recent changes:


We have added a section on HVAC that includes a discussion of recommendations for the operation of those systems and of the steps we have taken to improve and enhance them. Our maintenance mechanics, HVAC technicians, supervisors, and engineering staff have worked throughout the pandemic to prepare our buildings for their safe repopulation. The facilities staff have performed over 28,000 HVAC work orders to assure that our systems are working properly.

These individuals never had the option of working remotely and have been at the university every day since the pandemic began. Our colleagues have worked tirelessly in addressing your concerns so that we can all return safely. They deserve our thanks and appreciation for their dedication and commitment to the university.


On July 1, 2021, the parking registration system will reopen, and all returning employees will need to reregister their vehicles. Please know that there are no changes to parking regulations and parking enforcement rules.


The COVID-19 testing section has been updated. Those individuals who are fully vaccinated and have uploaded their vaccination card will no longer be eligible for university COVID-19 testing.


The governor has declared an end to the public health emergency in the state, with many of his executive orders terminating in early July. This does not change the university’s requirement for students to be fully vaccinated. Additionally, we will continue to require students to be vaccinated and urge all employees to get vaccinated.

Antonio M. Calcado
Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer