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September 25, 2020

Members of the Rutgers University Community,

Keeping each other safe during the pandemic is a shared and serious personal responsibility. To help you meet that responsibility, the Rutgers Office of Information Technology (OIT), in collaboration with the university’s medical experts, has developed two apps that are ready for use by Rutgers faculty, staff, and students and will be mandatory beginning Monday, September 28.

The first app, My Campus Pass, is a self-screening app that must be used by employees and students each day when traveling to campus or entering a Rutgers building. To keep you and others safe, the app asks basic questions about your current health to determine whether you are cleared for entry. The app may also be used to screen yourself for symptoms of COVID-19 even if you are not on campus.

To access My Campus Pass, log into Once you log in, the My Campus Pass window will be visible. Click on the “Get My Campus Pass” button, which will take you to the symptom survey for completion. You will also be asked to include any Rutgers building you plan to enter that day. Once you submit your survey, you will receive an immediate notification as to whether you’ve been cleared for entry. For more information regarding the app, please visit

The second app, Rutgers Visitors Log, is available by logging into This is the official repository of visitor data that will be used exclusively for contact tracing. Visitors and guests with a legitimate business purpose that cannot be accomplished remotely must be registered each day using this platform. This platform replaces any paper logs or other systems that may currently be in use, and the contact tracing data will be retained for thirty days. Anyone with an active NetID can enter a guest through the system.

Again, these systems are already operating and must be used starting Monday, September 28. For help with technical issues please contact OIT directly at 833-OIT-HELP or

These apps are intended to support the health and safety of all members of the Rutgers community. These apps – in combination with the Three Ws (Watch Your Distance, Wash Your Hands, Wear Your Face Covering) – are important steps in keeping us all well.

Stay safe,

Antonio M. Calcado
Executive Vice President & COO