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February 2, 2021

Members of the Administrative Council,

There have been a number of communications recently, including a summary of expectations from President Holloway, and messages from other campus leaders, outlining our path forward as we begin to look at repopulating the campuses. With the much anticipated December introduction of vaccines to protect against COVID-19 we now have a vehicle that enables us to pivot from mitigation and maintenance to return.

The return will not be easy. Initial vaccine rollout has been slower than anticipated, yet we are confident that by early summer (mid May/early June), supply should be sufficient to accommodate the needs of the population. While we have discussed broadly where we want to be in September, and some of the mechanisms to get there, I want to be clear about the conditions under which we will repopulate: our planning and return is reliant on, but not limited to, wide availability of vaccine, a significant decrease in transmission rates, and continued strict adherence to all public safety guidelines. Therefore, it is incumbent upon us to plan for a one-hundred percent return, just not all at the same time, knowing that working under these principles we can adjust quickly to whatever degree of remote is necessary at the time.

To help facilitate the planning process, a Quick Reference Guide has been posted. I ask that you disseminate this to those individuals, at all levels, tasked with developing and creating repopulation plans in your respective areas.

This pandemic has affected all of us personally and professionally. The good news is that COVID-19 is not a permanent problem! With that understanding, and as we have done throughout the last year, some temporary strategies, patience, collaboration, and shared sacrifice will help us get through Academic Year 2021-22 and stand our institution up – better than ever, while prioritizing the health and safety of our entire community.

I want to thank you for all of your hard work in moving our goal forward.

Stay safe; and as always, Wear a face-covering, Watch your distance and Wash your hands!


Antonio M Calcado
Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer