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We owe it to our students to provide them with continued instruction so that they do not lose progress toward the timely completion of their degrees. We do not anticipate halting the progress of our students.

Provosts and deans at each of the Rutgers University chancellor units have been communicating with and working with faculty to develop alternatives to face-to-face instruction. Deans, chairs, and graduate and undergraduate directors have been asked to work with individual faculty to support their strategies for continuing their teaching due to the change in operating status. Rutgers has a wealth of resources that faculty can use to deliver instruction in a variety of ways. Faculty should also consider developing independent study alternatives for students and communicating by phone, email, or internet applications.

Key Resources

Supporting Our Students
Quick Start: Recommendations for Communications and Remote Instruction
Technology Tools: Information on Available Instructional Tools
Remote Instruction FAQ
Tip Sheet for Remote Response to Student Disclosures of Interpersonal Violence

As additional resources are developed they will be added to this website. Please check back regularly to review additional information or changes in university planning or procedures.