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August 27, 2021

Members of the Rutgers Community:

The Guide to Returning to Rutgers has been updated to reflect the most recent public health guidelines. The guide is a living document, applicable to the entire university community, that will evolve as we continue our path forward to a full repopulation of our university. As we repopulate our buildings and campuses, I encourage you to familiarize yourself with the details contained in the guide so that we can be assured of a safe return.

Among the most recent changes:


On August 23, Governor Murphy announced that employees at all public colleges and universities would be required to submit proof of being vaccinated or submit to testing once or twice weekly. This state mandate is an expansion of Executive Order 253.

The university has had this requirement in effect for some time, and as a result we anticipate minimal changes to our established protocols and program. Individuals who have not uploaded their vaccination cards will continue to be contacted directly via email.

The university continues to urge all employees to get vaccinated and upload your vaccination cards to the portal. The data clearly demonstrates the safety and efficacy of vaccination, as well as the protection it affords against serious hospitalizations and death. All employees who upload or have already uploaded their cards will be entered into a drawing on August 31.


The university continues to require use of face coverings indoors, with very limited exceptions. Mask compliance and safety begins with the individual employee, but enforcement ultimately falls locally to department heads, supervisors, or event coordinators. The importance of effective use of face coverings has been underscored by the Delta variant.


The university takes the community’s concerns about health and safety seriously. While we share a responsibility to help correct situations in which individuals fail to adhere to our guidelines and rules, we understand that some matters may need further review and intervention. The guide explains the process for reporting concerns.


The university has enacted a notification system in the event that any individual affiliated with the university tests positive; this notification system protects privacy, complies with state requirements, and is coordinated with local health authorities. Ad-hoc or informal notifications to coworkers should be avoided. Notifications are the responsibility of Occupational Health for faculty and staff and Student Health Services for students. These departments will provide guidance to affected individuals, including supervision as necessary.

Please note that in addition to this update, in the coming days we will be issuing a companion guide, Navigating Our Classrooms and Student Spaces, specifically focused on returning to the classroom and repopulating our student spaces.

Best wishes for a successful start of the fall semester,

Antonio M. Calcado
Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer